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South and Central America Tours

South America is one of the fastest growing travel destinations. A Globus Tour of South America puts all the must-see attractions and natural wonders right at your fingertips. Our expert Tour Directors are professional people who actually live locally and love to share and experience their country and culture with others. 

From festive cities such as Lima and Cusco to Rio de Janeiro the ‘Paris of the East’ South America is a destination that will appeal the intrepid traveller within you.  You might find yourself sampling the culinary delights of this delectable continent or learning to dance the Tango in South America’s cultural heart Buenos Aries. 

Outside the major metropolitan regions South America is renowned for its natural wonders.  Meander through the magnificence of the Sacred Valley, explore ancient ruins of the lost world of the Incas, the Inca Trail and famed Machu Picchu. Feel the rush of Iguazu Falls as it pours hundreds of metres down rain forest cliff side. 

No trip to South America is complete without visiting the Galapagos Islands. Globus Galapagos cruises are usually an extension of one of our tours in Peru. You’ll fly to the Galapagos and board one of our cruise vessels for 3 nights exploring this ecologically diverse region from the deck and  on regular shore excursions. And if you want to get up close and personal with the marine life, the Galapagos offers some amazing snorkeling opportunities. 

The Amazon is a special place for learning and discovery and you can feel the pulse of the rain forest and the biodiversity it supports when you are here. Stay in an eco park jungle lodge and join a naturalist to explore the native flora and fauna, a native Amazon village and wildlife reserves by day and spot small alligators and other nocturnal species by night. 

Globus Central America tours will expose you to miles of beautiful coastlines and rugged interiors in Costa Rica. Walk through the Cloud forest, observe Arenal Volcano and explore Manuel Antonio National Park. You may also extend your stay in Guatemala with a cruise on Lake Atitlan and an in depth exploration of Antigua and Guatemala City. You will also get a fascinating insight into Myan and Aztec cultures and the social and political systems of this highly organized empire which was ahead of its time. 

Whether you choose to explore South America, or the Central American land that separates North from South it’s easy to see why South & Central America is quickly becoming a favourite among Globus Travellers.