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Guangxi China

Asia is an adventure that doesn't take a break. From Bangkok to Beijing, it’s a captivating collection of cultures inviting you to be in the moment, every moment. On a Globus tour, you’ll feel an explorers’ thrill discovering UNESCO-protected Angkor Wat in Cambodia, enjoying a wafer-thin dosa for breakfast in India or sampling sake at a Japanese brewery. Whatever your taste - whether it’s a lesson from a local fisherman while on tour in Vietnam or tobogganing down the Great Wall of China -  we’ll unlock local secrets hidden in the sensory tapestry of Asia so you can live it up. 

Your Globus tour includes
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Local Favourites
VIP sightseeing
Superior accommodation
Services of a professional Tour Director & Local Guides



Whether you’re an urban or rural explorer, China is pure perfection for those looking to experience undiscovered worlds. From temple-topped mountains in Yunnan to stylish and vibrant Shanghai, every taste of China is unique and entirely different to the next. Globus tours give you instant entree to life as a local, with curated experiences including rickshaw riding through the hutongs, Beijing’s ancient alleyways. Yes, China is known for the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, but you’ll discover these great sights are just the tip of the iceberg in more-than-meets-the-eye China.


India: Nothing can prepare you for the country-wide saturation of life in Technicolour. From blue-hued houses of Jodhpur and the halo-like white of the Taj Mahal, it’s a journey across the painter’s palette. Discover the Moghul masterpiece that is the Amber Fort in Jaipur, while unlocking the secrets behind the pink curtain of the royal palace Hawa Mahal. With Globus, you’ll ride a rickshaw through the Chandni Chowk bazaar in Delhi, float along the sacred waters of the Ganges and relish the exotic tastes of a home-hosted dinner with an Indian noble family. From north to south, an India tour is set to stir your senses.


Japan is one of the most googled countries in travel. What’s making this the current ‘It’ country among serious adventurers? The sheer diversity of this culture-crammed country. In one moment, you’ll be transported to yesteryear dining in traditional wooden restaurants in Kyoto. The next, you’ll be bathed in the neon lights of unapologetically futuristic Tokyo. Globus tours are curated experiences which allow you to dig deep to the heart of this fascinating culture, from partaking in a traditional tea ceremony to trying on kimonos and attempting calligraphy. For a taste of it all and more, you can live it in picture-perfect Japan.

South East Asia

Take a breath and dive deep into South East Asia, a subcontinental gem set to stun you. Perennially popular, this sublime section of the world plays host to a myriad of unforgettable experiences. Feel enlightened on a Globus tour in Myanmar after discovering the ancient temples of Bagan and exploring awe-inducing Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Enjoy fresh Vietnamese flavours in Hue and float in balmy waters of Thai islands. Whatever your preference, the carefree atmosphere of South East Asia will have you leaving feeling completely rejuvenated. With our specially crafted itinerary, you’ll unlock the local secrets of this slice of heaven.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are the beating heart of South East Asia. What could be more thrilling than delving beneath a shroud of Cambodian jungle to explore UNESCO heritage site Angkor Wat? Or more inexplicably blissful than relaxing in Vietnam’s Halong Bay? Vietnam and Cambodia are both little countries with big histories, and it’s impossible to come away without deep affection for their unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism. Whether wandering quaint Hoi Ann or crunching into crusty baguettes in Phnom Penh, a Globus tour to Vietnam and Cambodia will invigorate your soul.

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South East Asia
Vietnam and Cambodia

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